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Anya helped us with the renovations for our 3 bedroom flat and we love the outcome! She provided inspiration and direction and then looked after all the project management side of things. Would highly recommend.

Melissa Sweetman 

I have worked with Anya on several projects. A very professional designer and always works with the customers final vision in mind. Each project has been a pleasure to work on with her , her eye for detail and positivity are exactly what you need.

Elly Allen Curtains and Blinds

Anya Louize gave me flexible and excellent advice on my building project. She helped with layout drawings, consultation and advice on design solutions. She pointed me towards supply options for contractors, furnishings and fittings and was good at bearing in mind my budget and preferred aesthetic. She could steer me away from poor choices when I needed it and also helped me manage challenges as they arose during the project. I was very satisfied with her professional help and would highly recommend her.

Cathy T

I've used Anya at Husky House on for several projects over the years and I've always been delighted with the results. She's helped make the most creative use of spaces and her sourcing has saved time, stress and money. Anya is highly practical and great at problem solving and working with the whole building team when an issue comes up too. I'd highly recommend.

Jocelyn Grant 

I hired Anya to provide design consultation and project management for a flat refurbishment on my behalf. Her work was priceless, in understanding my needs and turning my ideas and thoughts into reality. I found her really good at sourcing materials to meet my budget requirements and she was always happy to go the extra mile to find what i wanted. A pleasure to work with.

M O'Riorden

Our Victorian house had last been renovated in the 1980's and needed a complete re vamp. Initially I opted for an E room re vamp for my daughter's bedroom and loved what Anya came up with. She really listened to what I needed for the room in terms of both practical and decorative considerations and stuck to my budget which was initially a bit sparse. My 15 yr old daughter had a lot of input and Anya managed to achieve her desires as well as mine in a very diplomatic and professional manner.
We loved the room and a year later with a bit more budget we asked Anya to design our kitchen and main living room. I loved our Victorian house but wanted it to feel pared down and contemporary at the same time as acknowledging some of its traditions. I felt Anya had a real feel for what I was looking for and she came up with simple, practical schemes with good visuals so we really understood what she had in mind.

I'm really keen on vintage and Anya was able to make use of some of our existing furniture and accessories and advise on new pieces where needed and kindly but cleverly pushed me to make some brave decisions around wallpaper, tiling and paint colours that have really made the house special. She delivered on time and was clever with our budget.

Lisa Brown

I want to recommend Anya Louize who has recently completed the redecoration of our house including initial design, co-ordination of contractors and project management, sourcing furniture and finishing touches. She really captured exactly what we wanted in our home and I am incredibly happy with the results - and had so much fun with her along the way!"


Rebecca B

A sophisticated update of a tired, chintzy apartment into a glamourous Mayfair duplex. Anya referenced art deco styling with a modern edge to create a cool, liveable space.


Julie G. 

Anya took on the renovation of my flat. She quickly identified what needed to be done and devised a plan of action and a budget. Her attention to detail and eye for design resulted in a beautiful flat, which I was able to rent out immediately.


Robert D

Definitely would recommend Anya - I found it saved masses of time too - I knew what I wanted and it was great to talk it through with someone who offered comments and suggestions, but most importantly did all the leg work and said "here are the 3 sofas I suggest you look at" rather than me visiting hundreds of showrooms.

Ben W

I would totally recommend Anya Louize Interiors. She has a really good eye and is affordable - I never would have considered using an interior designer, but someone recommended her to me and it's turned out to be an investment - she saved me money on my bathroom re-fit and it looks amazing! She's very down to earth too.


Suzi H

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