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01 Interior Design London

Bye bye bland…


At Husky House we believe good design is fundamental to a happy home. We create practical, workable and stylish spaces for living and working. We’re not about showroom perfect, we create for the way you live, the budget you have and the people who live and work there.


We design with consideration for the planet too. On a mission to waste less, use vintage more and make good where we can. We focus on natural and sustainable materials wherever possible too. Our interiors are made to last. We believe that’s the right thing to do.


02 Projects


03 Services

From managing a full refurbishment end to end, or simply overhauling your bathroom or kitchen, Husky House is your perfect interiors partner. We’ll bring together an experienced and friendly team specific to the needs of each project. We work collaboratively with architects, construction teams and craftspeople to make sure the end result looks amazing and makes everyone feel good. 


           Interior design and decoration, refurbishment and project management

                                                                           Full renovation

                                                                           Space planning

                                                                           Office space design

                                                                           Kitchen design

                                                                           Bathroom design

                                                                           Bespoke joinery design

                                                                           Quick room revamp

                                                                           Colour advice

Whether you're in need of an interior designer in Dulwich, a kitchen extension in Brixton, or a renovation in Peckham, we're here to help.

Browse our gallery to see a fully renovated family house in Dulwich, adding a double-height side extension linked by a glass ribbon and a loft. This was an exciting collaboration​ with the architects

Open London.

For a renovation of a large late Victorian house in South London, we kept all the original features and added a new loft and side return extension.



4 ways an interior designer can save you money

Enlisting the help of an interior designer is key to succeeding in your home design
They know how to interpret your brief to fit your lifestyle, while also planning and
designing a space to work for your budget. With specialized knowledge and
contacts in the industry, a qualified professional can save you time and money, so
you get the most out of your interior design project.

  Avoid costly mistakes:

It is often hard to visualize how each item you choose will look in your space, and
buying the wrong pieces can cost you considerable time and effort. With a good
understanding of scale and colour as well as the ability to know what makes a good
layout, an interior designer will make the best use of space, point out things that had
been overlooked, and help you transform your room. 

Increase your home value:

While many have an idea of what style they like, they are unable to predict
what will make the home look outdated in a few years, especially when it
comes to kitchens and bathrooms. We at Husky House take a long term view
and will help you visualise your interior for the future. We create designs
with your favourite pieces, be it new or vintage, and help you select long
lasting items, to avoid unnecessary maintenance.

Managing a design project is a full time job:

One of the biggest benefits to hiring an interior designer is to have them
oversee the works. There are multiple aspects involved in the process of
creating your home interiors: design research, getting quotations, samples,
finding out about availability and delivery time, and most importantly,
overseeing the building works efficiently. As interior designers can estimate
timelines better and schedule accordingly, this can lead to significant savings.

Better Resources:

When you are hiring an interior designer in Dulwich, you are also able to
benefit from the existing set of contacts and suppliers they have. An interior
designer will be able to recommend trusted contractors and get you
better rates on materials through their resources. 

Interior designers can also help you create a realistic budget and stick to it, allowing
you to plan ahead and save. They can help you focus and improve on areas that can increase the value of your home in the future. With all these benefits and more, you can free up more time for the enjoyable bits, like picking and choosing your favourite pieces.

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